Wandee’s Bio | Wandee Ancient Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai Thailand

Wandee’s Bio

Wandee BoonsaiWandee Boonsai was born in Chiang Mai in 1954.
She was initiated in massage by her grandmother when she was a child however it was only when she was 35 that she decided to become a professional masseuse.
She worked as a masseuse and teacher for ten years at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai but a desire to widen her knowledge and develop her skills made her decide to take a sabbatical from the hospital.
This helped her reconsider her work and allowed her the time to follow classes in acupuncture, study anatomy (not normally part of the traditional thaimassage training) and read as much about Thai massage as possible.

In 2000 she opened her own school near Chiang Mai airport, and then in 2011 the school was conveniently moved near Chiangmai gate.

She is also a teacher for a further training programme organised by the Thai government.
Wandee has been invited to give demonstrations of her technique in other countries, including Great Britain and Japan.
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