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Student’s voice

Student's voice
Student’s voice from all around the world.

Andrea GrazziniI had been studying Thai massage for one year when I met Wandee.
Although I had been to a number of different massage schools, all of which added something to my knowledge, I kept looking for something not quite knowing what it was.
When Wandee gave me a two- hour massage the first time we met I was impressed by her power and precision.

I then started taking classes with her and from the very first moment she taught me essential things that no one taught me before.
I had discovered a patient and attentive teacher who taught me the discipline of Thai massage.
Through this web site I hope to pay homage to her and thank her.
May these pages help her live a dignified life through her art.

Andrea Grazzini
from Belgium

Sue (Mariko Suzuki)When I got a thai massage at first time in Thailand, I was really impressed.
I often did my original style massage for my friends untill then though, I was interested in learning Thai massage.
However there are a lot of Thai massage school in Chiang Mai, I chose Wandee’s school because of course fee, system and Wandee’s character.

My decision was correct, I learned a lot of technique compared with the other school’s basic course.
And I tell you that her character is very funny, sometimes I thought this school might be comedian school.

I stayed here as assistant for 2 months after trained.
Even after graduated, old students are very welcome back to visit at any time.
The class room is hot though, I recommend Wandee’s school.

Sue (Mariko Suzuki)
from Japan

Manon Coulon-DecorzensWhen i arrived in Chiang Mai i planned to studie with Wandee only two weeks, at the end i have stayed at the school for more than one month! It was very interresting.
Wandee knows her job very well, she can teach you lots of things, with her own style. She has a strong character but she can be very cute and so funny.
During this month i felt a little like in a family, it was great after all this months travelling.
So if you want yo learn massage with really thaï style, be sure to come here!

Manon Coulon-Decorzens
from France

Luiza ManziniMy visit in Chiang Mai had one propose, to do a thai style massage course. I did a good research and choose Wandee because it seemed the most genuine experience from the alternatives. Arriving at her house while the guests and her were having breakfast(made by her), and being offered some, would only confirm my expectations.
If you are looking for a massage course but also a great experience in Thailand, Wandee is probably the best option. You can expect to learn a lot from someone very experienced but also have fun, meet people and enjoy your days in Chiang Mai.

Luiza Manzini
from Brazil