Map & Contact

From Chiang Mai Gate: 5minutes walk
From Tha Pae Gate: 20minutes walk
*There are many small ways but Map route is recommended for the first visit.

Route from Chiang Mai Gate

Walking to North on a Phrapokklao Rd, turn left when you found “Siam Commercial Bank”, turn left again when you found the sign of “Phrapokklao Lane 4/1”.

This is the Chiang Mai gate, view from South.
You start from North of Chiang Mai gate.

View from North of Chiang Mai gate.
Walk 200m(about 3 minutes) to North, you will see SCB(Bank).

SCB(Siam Commercial Bank)

Walk 50m to west .

You will see these signs.
Small sign is Wandee Ancient Thai Massage.
Follow the sign, turn left.

Walk straight.

Walk straight

Welcome to the school!
You will find someone inside around 9:30~16:30.
Take your shoes off and come inside.

Route from Tha Pae Gate

Walking to West on a Ratchadamnoen Rd, turn left when you got to Phrapokkloa Rd, turn right when you found “Siam Commercial Bank”, turn left when you found the sign of “Phrapokklao Lane 4/1”.

Wandee Ancient Thai Massage School


Address: 12/2 Soi4/1(Kokai) Phrapokklao Road , Chiang Mai, Thailand

Open hours

School hours: 9:30-16:30
Lunch time: 12:00-13:00
Extra hours: 16:30~

・6 hours/Day
・You can go out for lunch, or Wandee’s Thai food cooking for 20B.(Please tell her in the morning.)
・Extra hours for Free style, Therapy, Foot classes.


Mobile: +66-81-5318874 (English or Thai)
E-mail: (*Phone call is better)

Wandee’s English is not very well.
When you send E-mail, please write with EASY and SIMPLE English.
She reads your E-mail but she does not reply if you write long message.
Please don’t worry even if you didn’t get her reply.

If she didn’t reply your mail, call her mobile or come to school directly.
It’s possible that you start to learn from next day, mostly.

e.g. Good Mail

Hello Ms.Wandee, I’m Andrea Rossi from Italy.
Thai Massage 10days from 20 January, OK?

Good Points: Name, Date and Course.

e.g. Bad Mail

Hello Ms.Wandee, I’m Andrea Rossi from Italy.
I’m interested in leaning your Thai massage.
I saw your website and have some questions.
I never learn any massage before, but can I learn at your School?
I am thinking to go to your school on January or February.
Which month is better to go?
What is the differce between 5 days and 10 days course?
I will stay 2 weeks, which course do you recommend?
Please give me your advice.


Bad Point: TOO LONG!!

Reply from Wandee

She speaks English, but not good for writing.
She gets many E-mails every day, no time to reply all your questions.
She just reply with short message to every one.

・Thank you! Welcome! – She understood when you come.
・Sorry – She is busy on that days.
・No reply – She understood when you come, but she can’t answer your questions.