Student's voice

Andrea Grazzini I had been studying Thai massage for one year when I met Wandee.
Although I had been to a number of different massage schools, all of which added something to my knowledge, I kept looking for something not quite knowing what it was.
When Wandee gave me a two- hour massage the first time we met I was impressed by her power and precision.

I then started taking classes with her and from the very first moment she taught me essential things that no one taught me before.
I had discovered a patient and attentive teacher who taught me the discipline of Thai massage.
Through this web site I hope to pay homage to her and thank her.
May these pages help her live a dignified life through her art.
Andrea Grazzini
from Belgium
Sue (Mariko Suzuki) When I got a thai massage at first time in Thailand, I was really impressed.
I often did my original style massage for my friends untill then though, I was interested in learning Thai massage.
However there are a lot of Thai massage school in Chiang Mai, I chose Wandee's school because of course fee, system and Wandee's character.

My decision was correct, I learned a lot of technique compared with the other school's basic course.
And I tell you that her character is very funny, sometimes I thought this school might be comedian school.

I stayed here as assistant for 2 months after trained.
Even after graduated, old students are very welcome back to visit at any time.
The class room is hot though, I recommend Wandee's school.
Sue (Mariko Suzuki)
from Japan
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