Course & Fee

Wandee teaches the northern style of Traditional Thai Massage as well as its theoretical background which includes an introduction to the four elements and the meridian energy lines.
Around six hours of lessons are given each day, it is possible to start a course on any day.
Wandee teaches only to small groups of people and it is advisable to call and reserve a place.

Course Menu Fee Period
Traditional Thai Massage 1 month(After 1 month: 1000B / Month) 10000bahts 1 month
Traditional Thai Massage 10days 8000bahts 60hours
Traditional Thai Massage 5days 5000bahts 30hours
Traditional Thai Massage 3days 4000bahts 18hours
Traditional Thai Massage 2days 3000bahts 12hours
Traditional Thai Massage 1days 1500bahts 6hours
Free style massage 3days* 4000bahts 9hours
Therapy Massage 3days* 4000bahts 9hours
Oil Massage(2people) 3days* 8000bahts 9hours
Foot Massage 2days* 3000bahts 6hours
If you want to know learn massage anything from Wandee, Please come to Wandee's school at anytime!

#After 1 month: 1000bahts / Month.
*You can learn Foot, Oil, Therapy and Free style massage in the EVENING or WEEKEND.

You can also just get a massage from a trained student or staff at Wandee Ancient Thai Massege School.

Massage Menu Per Fee
Traditional Thai Massage 1hour 150bahts
Foot Massage 1hour 200bahts
Oil Massage 1hour 300bahts
Harbal Massage 1hour 400bahts
Traditional Thai Massage from Wandee 1hour 800bahts
Wandee Ancient Thai Massage School
Thai Traditional Massage
Foot Massage
At Wandee's home
Herbal Ball